Miracles of Life

Thank you for inquiring about Miracles of Life - Special Needs Photography.  As some of you may already know my youngest son has Autism, ADHD and an Emotional/Behavioral Disorder.  As I watch him learn and grow it's amazing how many big changes I have seen.  I have sat countless hours thinking about how I can be a positive influence in the world of special needs children and adults.  It suddenly hit me one day that I could give back to my community through photography.  Having a special needs child is not only a beautiful thing, it needs to be captured in the most beautiful way possible.  These special people are our world.  I know what it's like to raise one.  I also know what it's like to financially care for one.  So, I am offering FREE mini sessions (20-30 minutes) to those families with special needs children.  Let's let them shine and document how amazing they truly are!   Please contact me to set up a session.  Be sure to include your miracle's diagnosis/disability when reaching out.