The Details

I will schedule a day and time that works best for everyone involved.  Then, I will meet you on location.  Pretty easy peasy.  If the weather isn't cooperating, we will reschedule our session.  Please be on time and be sure to communicate if something comes up beforehand.

The Portrait Agreement and/or Model Release will need to be submitted before any sessions take place.  All you have to do is read, electronically sign the document, and submit.  That's it! You're done!

I let kids be kids.  They work better that way.  I want the session to run smoothly so I don't push children out of their comfort zone by doing things that aren't fun or putting them in positions that aren't comfortable or safe.  And I try not to be too posey.  Granted, I know kids can be a challenge because I have two of my own, but we'll work around it.  Please don't stress if the kids aren't "perfect" that day.  I strive for a more relaxed, natural, fun time together.  I want everyone to feel right at home by having fun and enjoying being there.  Be yourself.  Oh, and I must warn you, being a mom of two little ones and loving kids, I love to hold, tickle, and run amok with yours.  Mmmkay?  By the end of the session, we're best friends, but more importantly, they are at ease with that once "scary photographer."  We're family, even if it's only for an hour or so, which is exactly how it should be.

 After our session is complete, I will go through all the images to determine which photographs to keep based on lighting, color tones, blinking, blurring, etc. From there, I will edit them in color and black and white and upload them to a password-protected gallery for you to view and share with your friends and family (about 30-60 images). I will be contacting you via text, phone, e-mail, or message to give you the password as well as get the feedback I need from you to continue with the process. From that point, I will ask you for your mailing address. You will receive a disk with all the edited images included. Printing labs are a dime a dozen nowadays.  I recommend labs with professional printing quality so be sure to do your research when looking for a printing company.  I, personally, recommend these two for prints:  Nations Photo Lab and Mpix

If processing times become lengthy and you find yourself under the gun for birthday invitations or Christmas cards, please get with me as soon as possible and we can make arrangements.  Please remember to schedule in advance to ensure you give me time to edit and yourself enough time to order.  I'll be more than happy to help.

Thank you for visiting!

If you have any questions throughout the process you can always contact me via phone call, text, e-mail, or Facebook.