August 30, 2017

{family} Melissa & Ella

This little duo is so sweet.  They've been through it all together.  Melissa is such a great mommy and Miss Ella is one adorable little girl.  She's seven going on 30 and full of sass.  I can't believe how much this baby girl has grown.  I remember meeting them for the first time and how tiny she was.  I loved their photo shoot and how much of Ella's personality I got to capture.  It was a blast!

{children} Avery: One Year {and family}

Oh my goodness, can Miss Avery be any cuter?!  That tutu, that smile, that everything!  She is a little doll baby and growing like a weed.  Big brother, Cayden, is so proud to call her his baby sister.  The joy these two kiddos bring to this sweet family is beyond anything I could ever imagine.  Cory and LaKesha are amazing parents and it shows through these kids.  So cute!

{family} Robin, Pam, Amy, Lauren and Alex

This family was hilarious!  I had the best time talking and joking with them.  Having such laid back people to work with makes my job super easy.  Not to mention the fact that they are very photogenic.  I had a terrific time with all of them!

June 3, 2017

{children} Rhodes: One Year {and family}

Gosh, these babies are growing up way too fast on me!  My head can't stop spinning!  Rhodes is a cutie.  In three months he grew a ton and his hair turned blonde.  I almost didn't recognize this little sweetie!  We had fun.  I think Rhodes really enjoyed his birthday cake, but I think one of his big sisters enjoyed it more.  Great photo session!!