May 23, 2016

{senior} Courtney Sumler

Miss Courtney has grown into a stunning young lady.  I remember when she was a lot smaller.  I am still trying to wrap my head around her being a senior and going off to IU in the fall.  Time sure does fly!  She was so fun to hang with and so easy to photograph.  Absolutely beautiful!  I could see a lot of her mama in these photos, too.  Good luck, Courtney!  You will do great things in your life.

May 15, 2016

{family} Demond, Christa and Georgia

One of my favorite families!  Little Miss Georgia Bean was talking up a storm and as sweet as she could be.  All you want to do is hug her.  Miss Georgia is also at the age where meltdowns can be a thing.  There was a moment where she laid her head on the concrete because she wasn't allowed to swim with the ducks.  Oh boy, she wanted to so badly!!  They are pretty cute, I agree, baby girl.  Even in a mood she is quite kissable and huggable.  She bounced back quickly for us and moved on to the next thing like a champ.  I really miss that age.  She did a wonderful job!

{family} Josh, Jessica, Peyton, Brittney and Jackson

This was the first time working with the N family.  I must say, they are a pretty fun bunch.  I was so excited to work with them.  Brittney was a little on the quiet side while the boys rough housed and did boy things.  They were such good kids during the shoot and made my job so easy.  Thanks, N family, for allowing me to capture sweet memories for your family!

{children} Allie: Five Years

Allie is my shy girl, even having worked with her several times.  She's very quiet.  Mom allowed me to take Miss Allie Cat around the site while she stayed behind with the other two kiddos.  She did great!  I took her by hand and walked around with her and she listened to everything I said.  I even talked about silly stuff to get her comfortable with me on our walk.  She's as sweet as she looks.  She was Ms. Andie's shining star.  You did great, baby girl!

{family} John, Kimberly, Grayson, Easton and Harper

I really enjoy working with the K family.  They are so laid back and easy to talk to, and the kids are so good for me.  Well, unless it's a bitter cold day.  Mother Nature can really put a damper on things when it comes to my job.  It's so challenging to be super smiley on a nasty cold day!  Poor little Harper was freezing and a little less smiley for me, but I was able to get some cute shots of her for her parents.  By looking at these pictures you would have never guessed that it was 52 degrees outside, thanks to the unexpected cold front that moved in.  Given the circumstances, we pulled through and we were able to get some great shots of the family and kiddos.  Aren't they adorable?