April 3, 2016

{family} Johnny, Brooke and John Allen

It's so nice to see how much big boy John Allen is growing and improving.  He is such a ham for the camera.  That smile just makes me melt!  He even let out a chuckle or two during our session.  This kid loves to be chased and tickled, probably more so than any other kid I have been around.  As we were all getting ready to part ways, I mentioned how great it's been to be a part of watching him progress - from sitting to standing to walking and talking.  He has come so far and I am so proud of his accomplishments.  I am also proud of mom and dad for hanging in there through it all.  It's not easy.  John Allen even said the word "no" for the first time while I was in the process of snapping pictures.  He didn't want us to take his dandelion and that's when the magic happened.  I may or may not have gotten a little choked up at that moment...just sayin'.