July 20, 2015

{children} Mackenzie: Three Years

This girl loves her tea parties!  Mom had the awesome idea of bringing her tea set and a few furry friends so she would cooperate better having something familiar from home.  I thought it was not only a great idea, but a cute one to boot!  She did exactly what mom thought she would do.  She pretended her friends were having tea and coffee and even invited mom to sit with her for a few minutes.  Watching her play was insanely adorable.

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July 12, 2015

{senior} Isabelle Jewell

What a knockout!!  Belle is not only beautiful on the outside, but on the inside as well.  Her boyfriend came with her and agreed to take a couple of shots with her.  They were so cute together!  I remember being that giggly and young once.  I miss those days.  Belle is the sweetest person and so easy going.  I really enjoyed our time together.  Good luck, girl!

{children}: Brady: Five Years (mini session)

How adorable is this little man?!  I cannot believe he is five already!  I get so lost in sessions throughout the year that I forget these precious babes are growing like weeds when I'm not around...until I see them again.  They no longer look like babies.  They have more definition to their faces, they're filling out, getting taller, talking more, you name it.  I love seeing all the differences!  Brady is such a cutie.  He did a great job during the shoot.  I'm so proud of you, buddy.  Happy 5th Birthday!!

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