December 13, 2015

{family} Mike, Amy, Colin and Luke

When I saw Luke again I about fell over from shock.  At first I thought they were toting around another child.  I couldn't believe how different he looked.  Colin was growing tall and thinning out.  They are both such sweet kiddos!

{family} Mark, Lisa, Cate, Allie and Ryan

Walking around the city this time of year is always fun.  You just never know what you'll find.  I love how the city put up all of these cute Christmas decorations for people to enjoy.  It almost felt like a wonderland.  The kids were so good for me.  They loved the decorations, too!  I mean, what kid wouldn't like a Santa's Workshop display?!  I had so much fun.  Merry Christmas, S family!

December 7, 2015

{family} Jon, Cathy, Louis, Carson and Rachel

What a fun family!!  Upon arrival mom joked about their camo attire.  She said she had other clothes picked out for the shoot, but the boys voted to wear camo and won.  We all laughed.  I guess whatever makes you feel comfortable, right?  They also came up with their own ideas (a couple were mine), so in reality, I was just there to photograph them doing what they love to do - be silly.  That's how photo shoots should be.  You could tell they were a free-spirited, fun-loving family and very close.  I had a great time!

{family} Mike, Julie and Matthew

This is one of the sweetest families I've worked with over the years.  Usually they meet me on location, but this time I went out to their house to snap a few photographs of them in their element.  We started out on the inside and then ventured out into the woods on a Gator.  It was probably the most fun I've had in awhile!  Thanks for inviting me out to your house, and Merry Christmas to your family!!

{family} PJ, Kaci and Sailor

Good grief, Sailor is a big girl now!  I remember cradling her in my arms as a newborn.  It's amazing how much time flies by!  I really enjoyed hanging out with the H family again.  So fun!!  Merry Christmas, guys!

{family} Jason, Lindsay, Owen and Sam

To start this off, I absolutely love the boys' names.  I really like the combination they chose.  So simple, yet so cute.  The boys fit their names, too!  Such adorable kids.  I told mom that they could easily be little Gap models.  Anyway, I hadn't worked with this family before so it was nice to add another great family to my list.  Everything went smoothly and the weather was nice to boot!  Score!

November 25, 2015

{family} Jesse, Amy, Kaycen, Payton and Declan

What a fun bunch!  It was so nice to see Amy again and finally meet Mr. Declan and her extended family.  Declan is adorable and SO happy.  I just wanted to pinch his cheeks the entire time!  Thanks, guys, for another great experience!