September 14, 2014

{children} Callan: Three Months

I just love these First Year Bundles.  I'm so glad someone, somewhere thought of this amazing concept.  Who knew that capturing your babies monthly or quarterly milestones would so be so important or memorable to look back on.  I'm pretty sure my mom didn't do that when I was a baby.  In fact, I know she didn't.  It wasn't the "in" thing back then.  Heck, we were lucky to get one, maybe two, a year!  Callan's mama even mentioned how happy she was that she did it with both kiddos during our shoot.  One blink and it's all over.  She's right!  I could already see so many changes in Callan (and big sister, too) in such a short period of time.  He was so happy and smiley and squishy.  Goodness, I just wanted to kiss him all over!  I can't wait to see what changes I will see in the next few months.  I feel giddy just thinking about it.

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 I told mom that I had to snap a picture of Miss Lanie Bug since she got dressed all by herself. She was especially proud of putting on her own socks. I think mom called her Elton John a time or two.  Isn't she the cutest?!