July 28, 2014

{family} Josh, Francesine, Joshua and Emily

I was so excited to see one of my favorite families come from afar to see me while they were in town visiting friends and family.  I couldn't wait to see how much different the kiddos looked in person and how much their personalities had blossomed.  They were as cute as ever!  I miss them already!

{family} Brian, Tonya, Hunter and Maddie (featuring baby Lucy)

Everything about this photo shoot was perfect.  When Tonya told me there would be a puppy involved I about melted on the spot.  I love puppies, especially Golden Retriever pups.  Made me miss my old Golden boy, Boomer.  She was absolutely gorgeous!  She was so playful and full of energy.  I could tell the kids were in love with her and wanted to be with be her every second.  Hunter was a trip.  He was giving me his best model poses throughout the shoot.  He actually reminded me a lot of my older son, Landon.  I'm sure they would get along great!  Maddie was a little more reserved than her big brother.  She did, however, stun us with her star quality every so often.  It's a girl thing; we like to remain a mystery.  She is so so cute.  I had so much fun!

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