June 24, 2014

{newborn} Saylor: Thirteen Days

I was so excited to meet Saylor and her parents for the first time.  I love her name, too!  When she arrived she was wide awake.  She was ready to take everything in and didn't want to miss what was going on around her.  She dosed off a couple of times, which was just enough to get some sleepy shots for mom and dad.  She did great!  Her coos, head full of dark hair, and big blue eyes made me melt into a puddle.  I could have "played" with her forever.  She even fussed at me a few times to let me know she wasn't thrilled about getting her picture taken.  She's definitely a girl who knows what she wants or doesn't want.  Saylor is such a little sweetie.  I had a terrific time hanging out with all three of them!