June 30, 2014

{family} Danny, Delissa, Brady and Avery

Being a photographer there is nothing I love more than to show up at someone's property and explore a new place.  Plus, it changed things up a bit from the familiarity of my every day routine.  This just happened to be a farm that Delissa's dad has.  I had to hurry along because the weather wasn't on its best behavior, but playing with the horses and the kiddos made my day much brighter.  I have this undying love for horses.  I wanted so badly to get on one and ride far far away.  Ya know, like they do in the movies.  Only they look much cooler.  I had such a great time talking with her dad about the animals and scoping out the farm.  They are such a sweet family!!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

This was SO cute. Bella saw that we were taking pictures of the kids on the fence and moved a few steps over to be in the picture. It was amazing to witness. What a smart horse! So, so cute!! We all let out a big AWWWW and then laughed.

We played with others things, too. This baby frog was adorable. The dad held him while the kids petted it.

 I love her little hand on dad's.