June 10, 2014

{family} Andy Sr., Terri, Andy Jr., Cassie and Luke

When I got out of my car to introduce myself, they told me their names were Andy and Andy.  We all have a good laugh and Andy Sr. threw in a "Hey, great name!"  I don't think I remember ever being in the presence of that many people named Andy at one time, even in school.  Little Luke was an absolute doll baby.  He was all smiles and giggles.  At first he was a little unsure who I was.  I could just see the who-is-this-crazy-lady-bouncing-all-around-me look on his face.  Dad did his silly dance behind me, which made me feel a ton better.  I knew I wasn't going to be the only goofy one of the bunch, and it was comforting know that I fit right in.  I can only imagine how we looked from afar, though.  Ha! 

I want to add that before we left the parking lot Luke's parents had an announcement for the grandparents.  At first I had no idea what was happening.  I thought they were showing them a new shirt he had gotten.  To my surprise, and everyone else's, there were two magical words written on his white onesie (which you will see pictured).  Everyone was so excited and happy, including me!  Such a special moment, and all the excitement almost had me in tears.