June 30, 2014

{family} Danny, Delissa, Brady and Avery

Being a photographer there is nothing I love more than to show up at someone's property and explore a new place.  Plus, it changed things up a bit from the familiarity of my every day routine.  This just happened to be a farm that Delissa's dad has.  I had to hurry along because the weather wasn't on its best behavior, but playing with the horses and the kiddos made my day much brighter.  I have this undying love for horses.  I wanted so badly to get on one and ride far far away.  Ya know, like they do in the movies.  Only they look much cooler.  I had such a great time talking with her dad about the animals and scoping out the farm.  They are such a sweet family!!

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This was SO cute. Bella saw that we were taking pictures of the kids on the fence and moved a few steps over to be in the picture. It was amazing to witness. What a smart horse! So, so cute!! We all let out a big AWWWW and then laughed.

We played with others things, too. This baby frog was adorable. The dad held him while the kids petted it.

 I love her little hand on dad's.

June 24, 2014

{family} Mike, Julie, Katie, Nina and Matthew

All I am going to say is FUN!  Matthew is growing faster than I ever could have imagined, and Julie's Goddaughters are so beautiful on the inside and out.  I couldn't wait to finally meet the two girls!  I had the best time!  Thanks, Julie and family, for a great, GREAT day.

Aren't they adorable?!  So sweet.

{family} Patrick, Lynn, Allen, Tracy and Maeve

This family is amazing.  I've been working with Maeve and her family for as long as I can remember and I have been emotionally connected to them ever since.  They are magnetic.  They're as sweet as pie.  They are super patient.  They are loving.

Watching Maeve grow into a gorgeous young lady, inside and out, has been a truly beautiful experience.  I am now her BFF.  During the shoot I ran around with her for a little bit and then remembered why I was there in the first place.  "Oh yeah, I need to take pictures."  She does that to me sometimes.  I get lost in play and don't even realize it.  She asked me in her sweet innocent voice if I would like to go with her to get ice cream, and then followed that by asking if she could go home with me.  Looks like I have a playmate for life, and a pretty cool one at that.

Thanks for yet another wonderful, memorable day!

{children} Cruz, Corinne, Rainey, Rocco and Kaden

What a fun bunch of kids.  It's amazing how different their personalities are, even being from the same blood line.  They say that cousins are your first best friends.  They acted like it, too.  All the kids did a wonderful job.  They were very well behaved and had so much fun running and playing.  I couldn't have asked for a better day!

{newborn} Saylor: Thirteen Days

I was so excited to meet Saylor and her parents for the first time.  I love her name, too!  When she arrived she was wide awake.  She was ready to take everything in and didn't want to miss what was going on around her.  She dosed off a couple of times, which was just enough to get some sleepy shots for mom and dad.  She did great!  Her coos, head full of dark hair, and big blue eyes made me melt into a puddle.  I could have "played" with her forever.  She even fussed at me a few times to let me know she wasn't thrilled about getting her picture taken.  She's definitely a girl who knows what she wants or doesn't want.  Saylor is such a little sweetie.  I had a terrific time hanging out with all three of them!

{newborn} Callan: Ten Days (and big sister, Alayna)

I couldn't help but fall in love with this teeny tiny baby boy.  He is the sweetest thing.  I could tell Miss Alayna was on cloud nine having a sibling to help care for and love.  She is amazing big sister to Callan.  I loved every minute with the two of them, and I can't wait to see how much Callan grows over the coming months.

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