May 7, 2014

{newborn} Dylan: Eleven Days (and big brother, Drew)

There is nothing sweeter than snuggling a newborn baby.  I love their smells, their yawns, their soft skin.  I could go on for days about my love for tiny babies.  When I photographed the F family for the first time they were a cute little family of three.  Mom was in the early stage of pregnancy.  I had no idea she was expecting until later in the shoot.  Now they have expanded their family to four and couldn't be happier for them.  Little Dylan was amazing during the shoot.  She slept all the way through until the end and then opened her eyes for one last shot.  Drew joined us for a couple shots and was impressed with how well he did being so young.  He is such a beautiful little soul.  Mom and dad are so blessed!  Congrats, guys!

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