April 8, 2014

{family} Justin, Laura and Natalie

The best thing about working with the same kids is I get to see how much they are changing.  At first I thought little Natalie looked a lot like mom, but now that I've seen her outside of the newborn stage, she is definitely favoring dad more.  She is absolutely beautiful.  Her smile is the sweetest.  Her coos made me melt.  It was chilly the morning of our shoot, but there's nothing a cute little blanket won't fix.  She was a trooper!

When we started the shoot, I had mom and sit down next to a building.  While I was adjusting my settings for lighting I looked up and saw this.  They had put their baby in between them.  Is this not the cutest?!  All of us couldn't help but laugh.  Definitely a photo opp.