December 9, 2013

{babies} Chandler: Three Months

I knew Chandler was going to be holding her head up and pushing up with her arms by this time.  I could tell during our newbie shoot that she was one strong girl.  Mom and I joked that she might be walking by her six month shoot.  Trust me, I wouldn't be surprised at all.  She is one of the prettiest babies.  Everything about her is absolute perfection.  Those eyes?  Oh my goodness.  You could get lost in those suckers.  They are such a beautiful shade of blue.  Harper, her big sis, did an amazing job holding her baby sister.  We tried during the newborn session, but Harper had other plans that day.  I was relieved that we were able to get a few shots this time around.  The wait was obviously very worth it!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug This picture cracked me up! It's almost like she's saying, "My photographer rocks!" Wishful thinking, I suppose. :) Mom and Dad are UK fans.