November 13, 2013

{senior} Ashley Stefansson

That hair?  Oh my goodness!  Ashley is such a stunning young lady, and so sweet and giggly.  Her personality was magic.  She had been scoping out this particular location for quite some time and finally asked the neighbors if she could use their property for her senior pictures.  The owners were more than happy to accommodate her needs and even threw in a cow for her shoot, which is actually called a heifer.  By definition a heifer is a young cow before she has had her first calf.  I wasn't aware until they enlightened us on the subject.  In fact, she said a lot of people don't know that.  They also taught us the difference between a steer and a bull.  I am most definitely not a farm girl, because a cow is a cow to me.  But I love to learn new things.  I had such a fun time walking around their property with Ashley and her family looking at all the neat stuff they had.  I love the rustic feel and look of the location she picked out.  For me not being much of a farm girl, I'm infatuated with barns, tractors, hay stacks, livestock, and old farm houses.  What a wonderful day!  Good luck to you, Miss Ashley!

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