November 20, 2013

{newborn} Veronica: Nine Days

What a sweet baby girl.  I loved holding her and talking to her, but it was evident that she wasn't going to sleep for her big debut.  She wanted the world to see her sparkling blue eyes, and she clearly didn't want to miss anything going on around her.  I guess my home was very stimulating to her - new scents, new voices, lights, and new sounds.  She was taking it all in.

New big brother, Simon, was happy to participate in his little sister's pictures.  He was so well behaved and obviously very excited.  I love his warm, fun personality.  He is such a doll.  When we wrapped up his part of the shoot and it was time for him to leave, Simon and I high-fived before he walked out the door.  You could tell he was over the moon, as he should have been.  I was so proud of the little guy.

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