November 8, 2013

{children} Presleigh, Brody, Miles and Harper

This time around, I think we got it!  When you have four kids, or more, there is always a chance that one in the bunch will be tuckered out before the session begins or doesn't want anything to do with pictures in general.  I only have two and I struggle with this.  They never seem to be on the same page when I want them to be.  In the past, and being the last of the Mohicans, Miss Harper has wanted to be held by mom during our photo shoots.  Not this time, baby.  She was my little independent photo queen, smiling and posing like a pro.  Everybody was on the ball and it was a wonderful thing for mom and me.  I knew it would only be a matter of time before this happened because kids only get better with this sort of thing as the grow. They are such beautiful kids, and such a blast.  I look forward to all of our sessions.