November 27, 2013

{family} Amy and Payton

These gals are so cute.  I'm sure Amy was tired of hearing me gush over Payton.  She is a doll baby.  I can't stress that enough.  Payton was a little quiet this time because she was cold, but you certainly couldn't tell by the beautiful photographs she takes.  We had a wonderful shoot and look forward to more down the road!

November 26, 2013

{children} Cayden: Three Months

When I finally saw Caden again after a very long three months, I couldn't believe how big he had gotten!  He had changed so much in the 90 days we were apart.  His hair and his eyes are to die for.  Who doesn't love a tiny baby with a cute fro and steal grey eyes.  ::squeal::  He was precious!!  I can't wait to see my little man again in February.

If you notice, Caden was more comfortable with his hands above his head when he was on his back.  I guess he's prepping for basketball camp.  Perhaps a future UofL basketball player?  (mom and dad are huge UofL fans)  We shall see.

{senior} Courtney Roberts

Courtney is such a sweet girl.  She smiles and laughs often and has a wonderful sense of humor.  I had a terrific time roaming the streets of downtown with her and her grandmother.  I wish nothing but the best for this beautiful young lady.

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November 20, 2013

{family} Medlock-Gerrits Family

This setting was perfect for eight young kiddos.  There was room to roam and play and the leaves were laid out in a thick, fluffy layer.  I had a blast taking pictures of the kids being themselves.  And who doesn't love to throw leaves around this time of year?  I even managed to get caught up in the action.  Love, love, love!

{newborn} Veronica: Nine Days

What a sweet baby girl.  I loved holding her and talking to her, but it was evident that she wasn't going to sleep for her big debut.  She wanted the world to see her sparkling blue eyes, and she clearly didn't want to miss anything going on around her.  I guess my home was very stimulating to her - new scents, new voices, lights, and new sounds.  She was taking it all in.

New big brother, Simon, was happy to participate in his little sister's pictures.  He was so well behaved and obviously very excited.  I love his warm, fun personality.  He is such a doll.  When we wrapped up his part of the shoot and it was time for him to leave, Simon and I high-fived before he walked out the door.  You could tell he was over the moon, as he should have been.  I was so proud of the little guy.

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