October 28, 2013

{family} Ken, Susan, Emily, Megan, Sophie and Ellie

What a beautiful bunch of people.  The girls are undeniably stunning.  Dad is definitely going to have his hands full with these beauties, if he doesn't already.  Emily, the oldest, is very tall for her age.  I would look at her from time to time and forget how young she is.  I didn't know this at first, but Emily and Megan are twins.  Not only do they look different, but their personalities are very different as well.  Emily is more reserved and keeps to herself, and Megan is more outgoing and smiles at everything.  At first glance, she kind of reminds me of a young Mena Suvari.  The younger two are such sweet girls.  Little Sophie lit up anytime she saw the camera - mom and dad's future fashion model.  Ellie wasn't into getting her picture taken at first, but lucky for us, she came around at the end.  Her smile is so cute!  I'm so happy we were able to capture it.  Thank you, Dr. H. and family.  What a fantastic day!

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