October 28, 2013

{family} Brandon, Debra and Jared

Upon meeting the L family, I knew instantly that they were going to be a blast to work with.  Some husbands are quiet during this time, but Brandon hopped right in and began to throw out ideas.  I loved his enthusiasm.  Debra had mentioned during the session that they hadn't had family pictures taken since Jared was six months old, so I was even more eager to capture them as a unit.  My first impression was right on the money, they were a blast! 

Dad is pretty tall (maybe 6'4"-ish?), so mom's idea was to put Brandon and Jared back-to-back to compare their size at a later time. Jared is already tall for being seven. Brandon said that the doctor projected him to be about 6'7"/6'8" at full growth! Wow, that's one tall kid!