October 28, 2013

{senior} Lakin Leveridge

Wow!  That's all I am going to say.  Okay, maybe not all I am going to say, but seriously...WOW!  Lakin looks so much older than she is.  If I were to see her on the street, I would have guessed her to be in her mid 20's.  What a sweetheart, too.  She said she was nervous at first, but boy did she do an amazing job of working the camera.  Looking back at her pictures I see a little Michelle Pfeiffer and Miranda Lambert mix.  She is such an incredibly beautiful person inside and out, and I can only hope Lakin has tons of success in her life.  She clearly deserves it!

{family} Brandon, Debra and Jared

Upon meeting the L family, I knew instantly that they were going to be a blast to work with.  Some husbands are quiet during this time, but Brandon hopped right in and began to throw out ideas.  I loved his enthusiasm.  Debra had mentioned during the session that they hadn't had family pictures taken since Jared was six months old, so I was even more eager to capture them as a unit.  My first impression was right on the money, they were a blast! 

Dad is pretty tall (maybe 6'4"-ish?), so mom's idea was to put Brandon and Jared back-to-back to compare their size at a later time. Jared is already tall for being seven. Brandon said that the doctor projected him to be about 6'7"/6'8" at full growth! Wow, that's one tall kid! 


{family} Trevor, Rachelle, Hannah and Adalyn

I would love to bottle all this cuteness up!  I look forward to our shoots, not just because they are awesome to work with, but I love how mom coordinates the outfits and how easy they are on me.  Her taste in clothing is amazing.  I sure wish I had her gift of piecing things together!  I also can't get over how much the girls are growing.  They're growing like weeds and so gorgeous!  Despite the cooler temperatures outside, I'd say everything went very well.  Thank you, M family, for a phenomenal day!

{family} Ken, Susan, Emily, Megan, Sophie and Ellie

What a beautiful bunch of people.  The girls are undeniably stunning.  Dad is definitely going to have his hands full with these beauties, if he doesn't already.  Emily, the oldest, is very tall for her age.  I would look at her from time to time and forget how young she is.  I didn't know this at first, but Emily and Megan are twins.  Not only do they look different, but their personalities are very different as well.  Emily is more reserved and keeps to herself, and Megan is more outgoing and smiles at everything.  At first glance, she kind of reminds me of a young Mena Suvari.  The younger two are such sweet girls.  Little Sophie lit up anytime she saw the camera - mom and dad's future fashion model.  Ellie wasn't into getting her picture taken at first, but lucky for us, she came around at the end.  Her smile is so cute!  I'm so happy we were able to capture it.  Thank you, Dr. H. and family.  What a fantastic day!

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October 24, 2013

{senior} Josh and Justin

This was my first time photographing twin seniors in one photo session.  I went back and forth between the two boys, which seemed to work really well.  Every now and then one of them would speak up and say something like, "I want to do that, too".  It was endearing, and so much fun!  I couldn't believe how different they were.  Josh is more of the outgoing type and Justin is more quiet and reserved.  Despite the big and small differences between the two, they get along really well and had fun getting their picture taken.  I had an awesome time!  I wish them both the very best in life.