September 3, 2013

{newborn} Chandler: 10 Days

I can't express enough how much I love newbie shoots, but they can be a challenge.  It can go smoothly, or it can go the opposite way.  Regardless, it's all about the baby.  At first we tried to include big sister, but we didn't have much luck.  We did manage to get one shot in before Dad took her to Grandma's house, so that was nice.  Baby Chandler was such a sweetheart, and so beautiful.  She definitely had a mind of her own and decided not to sleep much for us for her debut, at least at first.  I think moving Chandler around and her being so alert for so long made her conk out in the end, which is where a lot of the pink comes in that you'll see.  We scurried around trying to think of things we could do or could use without stirring her.  Mom and I had had a good chuckle about it.  I'm sure I looked funny spinning in all kinds of directions, grabbing this thing or that thing.  You gotta' do what you gotta' do to get the desired shots.  I felt so bad for the mom having to sit there while I tried to calm her and get her to settle.  I know how frustrating it can be when the kids don't do exactly what we have envisioned.  I can totally relate because I deal with this every day with my two boys.  Working with newborns is not easy, that's for sure.  You're on their turf.  And again, it's all about them.  All in all, mom and baby did great and I can't wait to watch her grow going forward!  Thank you so much, G family, for your time and patience.  I had a wonderful time working with both of your gorgeous gals!

The head bands (except the brown flower) are made by, The Pink Dove.
The nesting bowl, the princess crown, and the mint bonnet are all made by, Little Lovelys By Carrie Bethany.