September 18, 2013

{family} Jason, Jennifer, Jackson, Griffin, Harrison and Lola Grace

How sweet is this bunch?!  This session was near and dear to me.  First and foremost, Ms. Jennifer was one of my son's therapists.  We miss her so much!  Secondly, I wanted to do something nice for her, not only because she took excellent care of my baby boy, but because the F family lost everything in a fire about eight months ago.  It's a shame that bad things happen to wonderful people who clearly don't deserve to experience such a tragedy.  I know it's not much to give compared to the items lost in their old home, but I offered to help out with creating new memories for them to put on their walls of their new home - a new beginning, so to speak.  I wish nothing but the very best for this amazing family, and hope they find peace in their lives as they move forward on their new journey.  And what a wonderful, fun-filled journey it will be!  Love you guys!