August 7, 2013

{family} Robert, Susan, Lily, Carly, Ray and Andrew

Here we are for round two!  This time the S family wanted to have their family photographed.  The boys were tiring out and wanted nothing more than to play in the water and escape to the kiddie park.  So, we did our best with bribing them for some good pictures.  You know how it goes, typical bribery like, "If you smile and sit still, we will go to the park", sorta' thing.  It worked for awhile until they caught on to our master plan.  At the end of the session mom and dad broke down and let the two little ones get in the water and have some fun.  They all did so great, and I feel were able to capture some fun moments  as a family.   Thanks for a wonderful time and wishing you safe travels, guys!