May 29, 2013

{family} Greg, Shana, Charlie, Tristan, Damian, Kylie and Adriana

Wow, what a terrific bunch!  Miss Adriana was full of smiles from the start.  I didn't have to dig too deep to find her sparkle.  Very cute, to say the least.  Miss Kylie was a little timid and shy and so soft spoken.  I just wanted to smother her with hugs and kisses she was so sweet.  The boys were free-spirited and full of spunk.  They were so cute and made me laugh the entire time!  I'm still in shock that Tristan is a 14 year old boy who stands at a whopping 6'4"!  Now that's a big boy!  I don't think his parents will ever have a problem with him being bullied by his peers, that's for sure!   I am really looking forward to our next session!