March 11, 2013

{family} Brad, Kristina, Makenna and Mason

I heart this family.  They are one of the funnest families to be around and, of course, photograph.  There was a moment during our shoot I told mom and dad to have fun and act natural when it was their turn to shine.  Then suddenly I noticed through my lens that they were bending backwards, pulling the other one's hands and laughing.  I cracked up!  It was definitely a fun moment I was looking for and something they can look back on and laugh about, too.  The kids?  Oh my goodness.  They are growing like weeds!  It's hard to believe how big Makenna is getting and how much of a lady she has turned into.  I wouldn't have guessed that she was her age by looking at her photographs.  Can you say model?  Such a lovely bunch of people and can't wait to work with them again and again!

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