February 25, 2013

{engagement} Rob and Jill

As I was approaching Rob and Jill for our meeting, I noticed right away how in love they are.  They were snuggled in close holding hands waiting for me to arrive and talking to the passersby.  I could tell instantly how excited they were to get their engagement pictures taken.  We had a wonderful time getting to know one another along our walk, and even had a few funny moments during our time together.  Sometimes those moments are necessary to break the ice, making it easier to slip into a comfort zone.  Rob's comedic personality was awesome.  I love that he calls her "One Way" and how much of a great sense of humor she has.  I wish these two love birds nothing but the best on their journey to forever.  Such a beautiful pair!  Congrats, guys! 

February 12, 2013

{children} Jonathan, Lydia and Simeon

Oh. My. Goodness.  This trio made my heart skip a beat the moment I laid eyes on them.  Mom is the owner of Snickerdoodle Stew and wanted to get pictures of her hard work.  Pretty cute, huh?  I'd say that takes some talent and tons of patience!  Something I definitely don't have when it comes to sewing.  I had a wonderful time capturing some awesome moments as well we helping her with advertizing.  Thanks, Jessica (and family)!

Be sure to check out her Facebook page by clicking the link above!  Very cute clothing and accessories!!

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