November 14, 2012

{family} Jason, Muzette, Dakota, Blake and Riley

This family is so sweet.  Jason is an old schoolmate of mine.  It's amazing to see how much we've grown into loving parents and responsible adults.  In high school you never think about starting a family, or glimpse that far into the future unless it's about college.  They are all very lucky and blessed have each other.  The twins were hilarious.  This is to be expected knowing Jason at their age.  He was quite the character himself.  He said that the twins were planning to go to college for animation because of their love for cartoons.  Little Riley is very grown up for her age.  She's seven going on 20.  She reminded me a lot of a young, red headed Dakota Fanning.  I especially loved how proud she was of her two missing teeth, and even mentioned how much she loved not having them during our time together.  Truly an awesome bunch.  Thanks, Bragdons, for a great time in the park!