October 16, 2012

{senior} Reid Milam

Oh my goodness.  How beautiful is Miss Reid?!  She was a little nervous at first, I could tell.  After all, we're not born in front of a camera or spotlight, right?  As we were walking to our first spot, I tried to make her feel as comfortable as possible and told her to pretend I wasn't there or try to visualize one of her girlfriends snapping a few pictures with their camera.  It didn't take long for Reid to blossom from a soccer player to a supermodel in a matter of seconds.  Reid did mention half way through that she wasn't nervous anymore, which I knew would happen.  She is a natural beauty, and the camera loved her.  She was also one of the sweetest teens I have ever had the privilege of meeting.  I showed her some of the pictures on my camera as we moved along.  Her excitement was endearing.  What a gorgeous young lady!

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