October 8, 2012

{family} Mike, Bridget and Emma

Upon arrival, Bridget spotted me right away from across the parking lot.  She was all smiles and very excited about her photo shoot.  We quickly made our introductions and then headed off along the lengthy path.  Emma was the sweetest thing, and so good for being so young.  As soon as mom put her down to walk on her own (because that's what any 18 month old child wants anyway - freedom), I fell in love with Emma's strut.  Her walk was to die for!  And those boots?  ::sigh::  She owned that path, as well as the camera.  Can you say future super model?  Yes, please.  Absolutely gorgeous!  Thank you, Burtons, for a wonderful stroll through the park.  I had a fantastic time playing and running around with your precious baby girl. 

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