October 31, 2012

{family} Jason, Nanci, Presley, Brody, Miles and Harper

This is my fourth photo shoot with the Yates', I think. I love how spontaneous they allowed me to be.  We started off at the location they had requested and then I asked if they would follow me to another spot.  I'm so glad they did!  These couldn't have turned out any better.  The kids are always a real joy to be around and make it easy on me having four of them so close in age.   Mom and Dad were just as easy and fun.  I love it when I see the parents joke around with each other or laugh at something silly.  I feel that every parent needs a break from their routine and stress to have fun, even if it's just for a short while.  Jason and Nanci are such wonderful parents.  The love in their family is evident.  I am really looking forward to my next photo session with the crew!