October 8, 2012

{children} Madelyn

Let me just start off by saying that I absolutely loved the grandparents' property we used for Madelyn's photo shoot - purely divine.  Everywhere you looked there was something unique, beautiful, and maybe even a little sentimental.  I noticed their trees were blossoming a little quicker into the gorgeous gold, red and orange colors than ours.  Stunning!

Miss Madelyn was my shy girl at first.  She cautiously stood close to mom while checking me out from the corner of her eye, until she felt she was brave enough to show me what sparkling personality she truly had.  I could tell we were close to seeing the shining star that she was.  And it happened.  Madelyn's gears had switched and there she was.  I could tell she was having fun, but maybe she just didn't want us to know.  By the end of the shoot she was twirling, dancing, laughing, smiling from ear to ear, you name it.  Hanging out with her (and mom) was such a great experience.  Thank you, ladies, for making me feel right at home.

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