October 31, 2012

{family} Jason, Nanci, Presley, Brody, Miles and Harper

This is my fourth photo shoot with the Yates', I think. I love how spontaneous they allowed me to be.  We started off at the location they had requested and then I asked if they would follow me to another spot.  I'm so glad they did!  These couldn't have turned out any better.  The kids are always a real joy to be around and make it easy on me having four of them so close in age.   Mom and Dad were just as easy and fun.  I love it when I see the parents joke around with each other or laugh at something silly.  I feel that every parent needs a break from their routine and stress to have fun, even if it's just for a short while.  Jason and Nanci are such wonderful parents.  The love in their family is evident.  I am really looking forward to my next photo session with the crew!

{family} Sam, Nancy and Lincoln

Oh my!  Look at those happy smiles!  Lincoln was so fun and so full of energy.  But, what one-year-old wouldn't be, right?  I loved every minute of Lincoln and his family.  Mom and Dad brought some things from home to make him feel at little more at ease, and to get some adorable photographs of course!  It was super cold that day, but he didn't care much and seemed to open up a little more when he was able to ride in his car.  When that little bottom tooth peeked, I melted.  Lincoln is such a gorgeous baby!  Thanks, Mom and Dad, for letting me get down and dirty in the mud with your little tike - definitely my favorite part of being a photographer.

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October 24, 2012

{family} Chris, Heather and Sylvan

This was my second shoot with the Mattinglys.  I couldn't get over how much Sylvan had grown in just a few short months or so.  Heather had mentioned that he didn't take up to people very well, especially new people.  As soon as I spotted him in the living room I immediately went over to see him.  I said hi and a few other things in my best, and maybe most embarrassing baby voice, and then the smiles just rolled out.  Needless to say, the parents were highly impressed with how he reacted, which put me on cloud nine.  We went outside and I could tell how happy and excited Chris and Heather were.  They were laughing and all smiles themselves when Sylvan continued to take up to me.  From there, he was friendly and open to me taking pictures.  It was such a blast!  Thank you again, Chris and Heather, for letting me photograph those adorable blue eyes and squeezable chubby cheeks!