September 24, 2012

{family} Ray, Kathy, Raymond, Katie and Gracie

As I waited for the crew to arrive, I walked around the grounds to scope out locations for our photo shoot, which is pretty standard if I arrive a little early.  Kathy greeted me with, not a hand shake or just a simple "hi" and a smile, but a big bear hug.  She is so great and loved how she exuded warmth and love.  You're definitely not a stranger in her company.  Her clan was just as great.  The twin girls were awesome and her son was, as she called him, "an old soul".  He is so incredibly mature for his age and so good with his little sisters.  The little ladies were eager to talk to me about school.  I asked Katie, "What is your favorite thing about school?", she quickly replied, "Making best friends".  I thought that was the cutest thing.  I was highly impressed by everyone and really enjoyed myself.

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