September 18, 2012

{family} Dave, Holly and Collin

I was flipping through some old photos I had taken of baby Collin (he's not so baby-ish anymore) and it brought tears to my eyes.  When Holly and Dave first came to me, Collin was just an infant trying to find his place in the world.  He was complete with lots of chubby rolls and big, gummy smiles.  I then had the pleasure of capturing his one year milestone birthday - still trying to find his way, but definitely coming into his own.  Now?  He is a strapping two-year-old with so much personality and opinions about everything.  He is independent and spunky and loves so much.  That big, gummy smile has turned into an even bigger smile with a mouth full of teeth that will absolutely melt your heart.  *sniff* The precious giggle that comes with it never hurt either.  Thank you, Holly and Dave, for giving me have another opportunity to spend time with you and your gorgeous little big boy.

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