August 15, 2012

{family} Lyle, Kelli, Blayken, Emeri and Eastyn

Oh my goodness, can you say cute?!  What an adorable family!  Blayken, Emeri, and Eastyn are triplets and so stinkin' gorgeous.  I loved their smiles (and funny faces) and how much they lit up the photographs.  They listened, they were playful, easy to please, and took direction very well, which made my job a breeze.  I think it might have helped having a train car in the midst, eh? Bribery and distractions never hurt anyone. I'm still wondering how they do it, or what magic tricks they have up their sleeves.  Raising one or two is challenging enough, I couldn't imagine having three the same age! I'm jealous!

Their family was everything I had hoped they would be and more and I look forward to working with the Reckers in the future!

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