June 11, 2012

{family} The Mattingly Family

I made my way over to Heather's In-Laws' house in the Highlands - complete with flowers, trees, and of course, an old house full of character.  It was absolutely beautiful there - every photog's dream location.  I asked if I could move in (you know, because it was the classy and professional way to go), but they just laughed at me and we casually moved on.  Little Sylvan couldn't have been any cuter.  At the ripe age of six months he was quite a hoot.  I loved his infant-style communication skills.  The raspberries kept him occupied and us very well entertained.  The adorable, infantile babble never hurt either.  And, those chunky thighs and gobble-me-up cheeks?  ::swoon::  This photog was in love. 

Thank you, Chris and Heather, for the fond moments I got to share with you and your extended families.

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