May 27, 2012

{children} Belle and Camila

This is my third photo shoot with Princess Belle and second with Ms. Camila.  They are the cutest little girls and so incredibly sweet.  This year Belle has reached the age of finding herself.  She's developed her very own personality and opinions.  She did fantastic, but I've never had a bad moment with her.  Camila was pretty fantastic herself.  She sat in the grass patiently waiting for us to move on to the next hot spot.  She is such a good baby.  Carrie and Brandon are very blessed to have such a beautiful, sweet (and very well behaved) duo.

May 26, 2012

{children} Kylee

Huber's is always a fun place for a photo shoot with the variety of backdrops they have to offer.  But, sometimes the unexpected can happen when you're sitting next to a tree or in the middle of an orchard.  Now that it's getting warmer by the second, little Kylee experienced first hand what it would feel like as a Bee Charmer.  The bees were swarming the grass and the ducks were evidently starving.  We literally had to run away from the ducks to get a picture in before they pecked at our feet.  Overall, it was a great time.  Little Kylee was such a sweetheart and I really enjoyed working with her family.

May 5, 2012

{children} Colin and Cameron

Colin and Cameron were quite a pair. They got along great. The entire time together I never heard them fight like brothers usually do. They cooperated, and even flashed me a funny face or two trying to keep it real - real funny, that is.  I love my job.

{family} Alicia, David, Bailey and Zoey

I was beyond excited to meet the Williams'.  Their little girls were gorgeous and so full of spunk.  The little one was on the move (also turning two that same day), which made for some pretty cute captures.  I could just gobble them all up.  Such a sweet, sweet family. 

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